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March 3, 2014 By Amy Lecza

"How can I help you?"

As a restaurant owner, you're probably very familiar with this phrase. Service is at the core of every restaurant - at Russo's, we aim to provide the best, most timely service to our guests in order for them to enjoy an authentic Italian experience.

But the heart of the message - a passion for creating a helpful, supportive atmosphere - is found outside the walls of your local Russo's as well. In fact, our franchisees took this to heart at the 2014 Russo's Franchise Conference where, over the course of two days, home office personnel and franchisees came together for a time of support, reflection, learning and networking.

Beginning with a wine tasting and dinner where franchisees mingled, wined and dined, the weekend was off to a great start. Over the course of the weekend, attendees visited the Russo's food distributor, attended a full day of seminars and presentations and toured the facility where the latest, most innovative technologies are put into practice each day for the Russo's retail line.

"It was wonderful to come together as a family and collectively learn more about the best practices at the restaurants, marketing and operations," said Alfred Naddaff, Russo's director of franchise development. "More than anything, this conference reinforced the quality of franchisees we attract at Russo's. They're an incredibly supportive bunch - they spent a large amount of time getting to know one another better while sharing tips for running a successful Russo's."

With more than 30 years of experience in restaurant management and ownership, Russo's Restaurants has perfected the classic Italian dining experience, and the brand is making it easier than ever to get started on this exciting journey yourself. For franchise information please contact Russo's at