authentic pasta dishes
authentic pasta dishes
authentic pasta dishes

Move Aside Pepperoni and Mushroom – Blueberry and Fig Top the Summer Toppings List

August 5, 2022

With a nod to all the fresh fruits and vegetables making an appearance this summer, Russo’s Restaurants is offering series of specialty pizzas available throughout the summer.

First available in May to mark Celiac Awareness Month (the pizzas are all available in regular crust and gluten-free,) these savory new combinations can be found at Russo’s across the country. The specialty pizzas vary by location, and not surprising, by what fresh items are readily available.

Chef Anthony Russo created these new savory combinations with a focus on the hallmark of Russo’s – fresh ingredients.

The comment heard most often about one of the most popular pizzas? “You don’t realize there’s not any meat on the Blueberry & Ricotta.”

According to Pizza Today , favorite toppings remain Pepperoni, Sausage, Mushroom, Olive and Green Pepper – in that order.

We still have those at Russo’s – and then some. You can see the list and different specialty pizzas that are part of our regular menu here. Whether you are going for our most popular Mulberry Pizza with the meats or Andrea’s Specialty with grilled chicken and prosciutto di Parma, there’s something for everyone all year round. But the new summer offerings that include fig, blueberries, truffle mushrooms and brussels sprouts hit the spot for summer.

The Summer Specialty Pizza menu is only available in-store but you can order by calling your local Russo’s New York Pizzeria® or Russo’s Coal-Fired Italian Kitchen®. If you’re not sure of which is closer, you can find all our locations listed here with an easy search.

As the sultry days of summer proceed I can see more of my two new favorites on my speed dial order list – Blueberry and Ricotta and Prosciutto and Fig.

Prosciutto & Fig

Parma ham, mozzarella cheese, arugula and fig, drizzled with fig balsamic spread.

Chicken Sausage

Chicken sausage with roasted peppers, ricotta and mozzarella cheese in an extra virgin olive oil sauce.

Blueberry & Ricotta

Fresh herbs and ricotta cheese spread with fresh blueberries, feta cheese and caramelized onions.

Truffle Mushroom

Cremini and portabella mushrooms, fresh mozzarella, arugula and white truffle oil.

Italian Meat District

Fresh-made Italian sausage, pepperoni, prosciutto, portabella mushrooms, pancetta, red onions and mozzarella cheese.

Brussel Sprouts

Thinly-sliced brussels sprouts with olive oil garlic sauce, fresh basil, pancetta ham, goat cheese with balsamic glaze.

authentic pasta dishes
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