authentic pasta dishes
authentic pasta dishes
authentic pasta dishes

Why People Love Pizza So Much

March 14, 2023

Why do people love pizza so much?

That’s one of those questions that may as well have a million answers; all of them valid. Since there are so many ways to demonstrate how pizza is the king of American food service, we’ll narrow it down to a brief list. These are our favorite reasons pizza, especially the authentic New York-style, is America’s favorite.

Why People Love Pizza So Much

It’s convenient and portable.

You can take pizza anywhere with little hassle. That’s why our takeout services are so popular. Our patrons appreciate the flexibility of either eating in person with us or grabbing some before heading back to work at lunchtime.

There are so many healthy toppings.

You can find heart-healthy pizzas all throughout Russo’s main menu. Our patrons can’t get enough of our Pizza Bianca selections, featuring satiating, delicious, and nutritious items like Chicken Rustica Pizza and Mediterranean Pizza. Others prefer our Toscana choices such as Truffle Pizza and Prosciutto & Fig. These are just some of the ways we tailor our menu to fit any dietary style or health preferences.

It was even popular with WWII veterans.

When did pizza become so popular? There are several theories on this, but one of the fascinating ones involves WWII veterans. It’s said that they enjoyed it so much in Europe, that they told everybody else upon returning to the U.S. All that intrigue led to a surge in demand.

You can even enjoy the leftovers when it's cold.

While nothing beats a fresh pizza right out of the brick oven (the way we do it at Russo’s), lots of people will even eat it cold the following day.

You have limitless customization options.

Nowadays, there is so much more variety, at least when you visit premium establishments like Russo’s. Don’t take our word for it. Check out some of our novel pizza specials that include things like Cauliflower Crust Pizza and numerous other unique creations from Chef Russo.

It’s affordable and you don’t have to wait long.

Another reason our pizza business performs so well is that we can offer our patrons something delicious, inexpensive, and with fast service. Over the years, we’ve devised ways to eliminate unnecessary wait time.

Those are the best reasons people love pizza so much.

So, following that happy reminder, Russo’s New York Pizzeria invites you to enjoy the real deal when you visit one of our several locations. You can even watch our staff prepare authentic New York-style pizza right in front of you. Contact us anytime to learn about pizza, pasta, calzones, and everything else we make at Russo’s.

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pizza franchise opportunity

It's the perfect time to franchise Russo's New York Pizzeria and Italian Kitchen and we know the pizza business and what it take to fire up your first restaurant. With 50+ locations and growing, our franchisees have created success built on our flexible design starting 1,500 sq ft. We produce a higher average store volume (AUV $1.134M) than industry average by serving authentic New York-style pizza and unique menu items. Ask about available territories!

authentic pasta dishes
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