authentic pasta dishes
authentic pasta dishes
authentic pasta dishes

Events Perfect for Russo's Catering

April 13, 2023

Professional catering for major events is one of our favorite things to do at Russo’s New York Pizzeria. There are a plethora of great party or event ideas that lend themselves to catering with pizza and other Italian foods.

Catering Spread from Russo's Pizzeria

Even though we could list 10 or 15 ideas, we’ll limit this to three of our favorite cater-able events. If you’re thinking about hosting one of these soon, then we encourage you to consider Russo’s for premium food service.

Birthday Parties

Folks of all ages can enjoy a fantastic pizza party for their birthday. Plus, it’s not just pizza, either. Whether you’re turning 10, or 70, you’ll have the chance to pack your party menu with fantastic desserts, like cannolis or tiramisu, four drink choices, and plenty of soups/anti-pastas. Some of our clients also ask about our Sandwich Trays and Italian Lunch Boxes. Those offer other satiating meal options like meatball parmesan, chicken parmesan, and Tuscan chicken sandwiches.


Are you getting married soon and want to host a wedding reception with food that your guests will actually enjoy? Then pizza and pasta selections are the way to go! You can go as extravagant as you like by ordering a few “Giant Pizzas,” and include lighter components like Greek or Caesar salads. There’s a voluminous list of choices. Ultimately, these are outstanding alternatives to the standard fare of over-priced wedding foods.

Holiday Events

This could be ANY holiday: Christmas parties, 4th of July gatherings, Memorial Day, Cinco de Mayo, Columbus Day, anything! Instead of “grabbing” something quick from a fast-food chain, here’s your chance to celebrate a holiday with authentic Italian catering. Plus, everything we make utilizes fresh, additive-free ingredients - from the extra virgin olive oil to our special Wisconsin mozzarella cheese. You can even bring in the new year with champagne and a nice Margherita Pizza from Russo’s.

The bottom line is that almost any event can become even better with a nice slice of pizza, some lasagna, or even a Stromboli calzone. There is no shortage of options, which makes our catering system a great way to satisfy lots of guests of all ages.

Russo’s New York Pizzeria can help you host a large birthday party with 50 patrons, or something small like a department luncheon at your business. Most of our regular menu is available for catering opportunities, and our team is always prompt with service and delivery. You can learn more about catering or anything on the Russo’s Menu by dropping us an email anytime.

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authentic pasta dishes
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