authentic pasta dishes
authentic pasta dishes
authentic pasta dishes

Pizza is Good for You! Here’s Why

May 13, 2023

Can pizza be good for you?

Yes! It may depend on what kind of diet you’re pursuing, and how well you manage your portions., but pizza can be healthy in a variety of ways. Here’s why we believe that.

Several High-Protein Opportunities

Any reputable pizza parlor will have a dedicated “meat lover” option somewhere on its menu. This is where you get a solid dose of protein from sausage, pepperoni, ham, bacon, and more. If you eat with us, you’ll find satisfying meaty selections like Doppio Pepperoni, Italian Works, and even Chicken Rustica pizza.

Five Different Types of Russo's Pizza

Enjoy Tomatoes? Great! They’re Rich in Lycopene!

There’s an antioxidant, known as Lycopene, which lowers bad cholesterol and blood pressure. The good news is you’ll find plenty of it in the tomatoes in our Russo’s Pizza Sauce.

Russo’s Carries Multiple Vegetarian Options

You can order two outstanding veggie-focused pizzas: 1) Vegetarian Pizza, or 2) Heart Health Veggie™. These feature some of the best “superfoods” like fresh spinach, white onions, and artichokes. Don’t forget that you can also dine with us for several savory salads, always chock full of garden-fresh vegetables.

Stay Leaner with Thin Crust or Cauliflower Crust

Would you like to eat pizza with fewer carbohydrates? That’s no problem when you try one of our thin-crust options (like Brooklyn Square Nonna’s). Plus, we even make cauliflower crust, which has been a tremendous hit lately.

Russo’s Insists on Quality Ingredients

Part of today’s anxiety over healthy dieting comes from an ubiquity of poor ingredients. Let’s face it: much of what you find in a grocery store is dubious at best and relies on unpronounceable ingredients for preservation. Russo’s, on the other hand, only uses fresh ingredients, including premium mozzarella and various gluten-free offerings.

Enjoying a Nice Slice of Pizza Helps You Relax

Don’t forget about the mental health benefits of relaxing with a delicious slice of Russo’s pizza. They don’t call it “eat, drink, and be merry” for nothing. While you don’t have to consume enormous amounts of food, there are obvious mental benefits for enjoying delicious items temperately after working hard all day.

That’s a list of six reasons pizza could be good for you.

We believe you’ll discover plenty of others when you visit Russo’s New York Pizzeria. You can find us in several places around Houston, other parts of the country, and even internationally. Contact us anytime to ask about our menu or catering options by calling 346-802-4700.

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authentic pasta dishes
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