authentic pasta dishes
authentic pasta dishes
authentic pasta dishes

Top Reasons to Order Italian Catering for Your Next Big Event

July 14, 2023

Are you ready to cater a big party at work? How about a family reunion with two or three dozen relatives?

Well, you may not want to cook food for that many people all by yourself. Plus, it wouldn’t be much of a party without the opportunity to break bread with everybody. Fortunately, when you partner with us for catering, you can enjoy all the bread, pasta, calzones, and pizza you want.

We offer this service at all our Russo’s locations and would love to show you the many reasons Italian food is the best way to cater a party.

Catering spread at Russo's New York Pizzeria

Save Time for Other Planning Aspects

While food may be the centerpiece of your party, there are often other considerations that demand careful planning, too. If it’s a major event, like a baby shower, then you probably need time to mail invitations, mull over entertainment options, and select a venue. Wouldn’t it be nice to cross food prep off your exorbitant to-do list?

Save Money As Well

It costs a lot to prepare meals for lots of guests if you “DIY” every aspect. Many party planners forget that you have to get all the utensils and cooking items to handle that volume. Considering how you may do this only once in a while, it’s easier to depend on a catering company to do it for you. Plus, Italian food, depending on what you select, may be more affordable and low maintenance than other options. We can make it as ornate and elaborate as you like, but we also offer simpler sandwich tray and pizza packages.

We’re Pro Chefs

Not that you couldn’t cook a terrific meal yourself, but it never hurts to leverage the skills of a dedicated professional. We not only prepare first-class pizza and pasta, based on Chef Russo’s expertise, but we can do it in large volumes. Therefore, if you’re looking for guaranteed quality and high quantity, then your best bet is to let Russo’s New York Pizzeria help you.

Reduce Stress & Enjoy Your Event

Even if you’re a champ at planning and executing large gatherings, it’s better to ask for help to avoid stress overload. Don’t forget that party planning also includes the more cumbersome tasks like cleaning and setting up everything. Many clients opt for professional catering to alleviate some of that nuisance alone.

In case you need any more reasons to try Russo’s New York Pizzeria for catering, we welcome you to explore our enormous, unique, and authentic Italian menu. There you’ll find time-honored classics like Fettuccine Alfredo and Shrimp Scampi, not to mention outstanding pizza options such as the Giant 28 Inch Party Pizza.

Want to learn more about the best Italian food and Russo’s catering service? Find your nearest location and call them today!

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authentic pasta dishes
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