authentic pasta dishes
authentic pasta dishes
authentic pasta dishes

The Power of Family Mealtimes with Russo's New York Pizzeria

August 15, 2023

Mealtimes are the best times to promote family unity for a variety of reasons. For ages, families have bonded better through “breaking bread” with one another, which is something we take most seriously at Russo’s.

Although it may seem obvious, here are some of the important advantages to gathering your entire kin together for lunch or dinner.

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Reasons to Emphasize Family Mealtimes

  1. The Perfect Time for Conversation - Families don’t always get enough time to stop and discuss things in a comfortable environment. As long as nobody tries to speak with food in their mouth (very impolite), mealtime is the intuitive way to invite conversation. Dinner time, especially, is a terrific chance to slow down, gather for a wholesome meal, and peacefully foster communication.
  2. Improve Mental Health - As most of us know, isolation and loneliness contribute to a myriad of mental health problems. That makes family mealtimes an important opportunity to counter those problems with deliberate family interaction. While some family members don’t always get along perfectly, the best chance for healthy relationships, and better mental health, comes from spending time with one another.
  3. Enjoy Healthier & Better Foods - There’s nothing wrong with eating alone, but have you ever noticed you’re more prone to eating poorly (i.e., junk food) whenever you do so? Perhaps there’s a subtle accountability to eating with the rest of your family, which steers you away from poor dietary habits. Also, eating together tends to lead to superior meal decisions. Hopefully, as a family, you would prefer to dine on well-prepared meals (like pasta with salad and garlic bread) rather than a pile of dubious fast food items.
  4. An Opportunity for Fun Dining Experiences Together - Finally, we couldn’t finish this important subject without reminding you of how Russo’s offers a quintessential family dining experience. Even beyond the food quality itself, our pizzeria restaurants focus on the total customer experience. You can visit us for a fine-dining experience, watch us cook pizza in a massive brick oven, order takeout for your family, or hire us to cater a family reunion.

So, if you’d like some help with reviving your family dinners, then we hope to see you at one of our many locations.
Russo’s New York Pizzeria is a family-oriented franchise restaurant chain, dedicated to authentic Italian cuisine. Our menu has something for every member of the family: pizza, pasta, calzones, sandwiches, salads, and more. You’re also welcome to contact us anytime to learn more about Russo’s and how we facilitate outstanding family dining.

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It's the perfect time to franchise Russo's New York Pizzeria and Italian Kitchen and we know the pizza business and what it take to fire up your first restaurant. With 50+ locations and growing, our franchisees have created success built on our flexible design starting 1,500 sq ft. We produce a higher average store volume (AUV $1.134M) than industry average by serving authentic New York-style pizza and unique menu items. Ask about available territories!

authentic pasta dishes
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