authentic pasta dishes
authentic pasta dishes
authentic pasta dishes

 Mark Your Calendars for National Cheese Pizza Day!

August 28, 2023

Cheese is one of the greatest blessings ever to befall pizza. Although some folks enjoy a cheese-less slice every once in a while, the overwhelming majority of New York style pizzas involve lots of mouth-watering mozzarella. Many of our patrons love a classic cheese pizza, which you can get at Russo’s → Five Different Ways!

We invite you to come try one with us this coming September 5th as we commemorate National Cheese Pizza Day.

Giant Cheese Pizza at Russo's

Why Does National Cheese Pizza Day Matter?

So, cheese pizza is the most fundamental pizza formula, the starting point for some patrons, or the finished product for others.

Of course, there are an array of ways to put together a cheese pizza with a deep-dish, thin crust, or Brooklyn square. You can make pizza with a multitude of cheeses, too. Here are the most popular versions you’ll find at top pizzerias.

  • Mozzarella (our favorite: authentic Wisconsin Mozzarella)
  • Cheddar
  • Provolone
  • Ricotta
  • Parmesan
  • . . . even Goat Cheese.

Also, did you know that cheese pizza is the most popular way to consume it among Americans? Yes, and it was even that way back in the old country, which they began doing in Naples, Italy by about the 18th century. Cheese pizza, like many other American favorites, became a huge hit after U.S. military troops brought it back with them when they returned from WWII.

Finally, if you prefer pizza with other great toppings, then have no fear. On September 20th, you get yet another commemoration: National Pepperoni Pizza Day. Hey, it’s not like we need a bunch of excuses to enjoy pizza here at Russo’s.

Five Cheese-Only Options at Russo’s

Although almost all our pizza entrees contain 100% authentic, delicious Wisconsin Mozzarella, you’ll be right at home if you desire a cheese-only pizza. We have five ways to enjoy a simple, delightful slice.

  1. The Giant Slice - one enormous, satiating piece of cheese pizza.
  2. Medium 12-Inch Cheese Pizza - perfect for two patrons; available in new cauliflower crust.
  3. Large 16-Inch Cheese Pizza - same as above, but fit for four!
  4. Large 16-Inch Brooklyn Square Cheese Pizza - another fan favorite at Russo’s.
  5. Giant 28-Inch Party Pizza - available as cheese-only or with other topping options; great for feeding up to eight to 10 people.

Don’t forget that you can enjoy about two dozen pizza selections when you visit one of the Russo’s New Pizzeria locations. We’re also the best place for authentic Italian pasta, calzones, fresh salads, and appetizers.

Want to know more about Russo’s or National Cheese Pizza Day?

Then call us anytime at 346-802-4700.

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authentic pasta dishes
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