Pizza Pleasures: Exploring Different Ways to Enjoy Your Slice at Russo's

April 28, 2023

It’s almost impossible to find someone who’s never tried pizza, and it’s an even more arduous task to find someone who doesn't enjoy it. No matter what your dietary choices might be, the joy that comes with a slice of cheesy goodness is universal. One of the best things about pizza is how customizable it is. With an abundance of toppings, cheeses, proteins, and more, there’s quite literally a style of pizza that’s fit for everyone. Just as varied as the toppings are how people consume this delicacy. This is the subject of the article that you’re currently reading. 

Pizza from Russo's Conroe

The Sandwich Method 

This method of eating is usually practiced by those who are on the go and in a hurry. If you’ve ever gone to grab a quick slice or two at your local pizzeria, you’ve probably employed this method. It involves folding a slice’s ends together to make an instant pizza sandwich. Whether you’re on the go or sitting still, this method is always enjoyable. 

Knife & Fork 

If you’ve ever seen the Sylvester Stallone movie, Cobra, then you might have been shocked when Sly decided to cut his pizza with a pair of scissors. While pizza has always been considered a food that one eats with their hands, some enjoy consuming their slices with the aid of a knife and fork. If you find yourself in a formal situation, this method is might be preferable so as not to get cheese and tomato sauce on your tuxedo or formal dress. 

The Hands-On Method 

This is easily the most common method that people use for devouring a delicious pizza pie. How you hold the slice is entirely up to you. Some find it appropriate to hold it by the crust, while others balance the edges of the slice with their fingers. Whether you’re dining solo or at a pizza parlor, this is the preferred method in a relaxed setting. 

No Matter the Method, Enjoy a Slice at Russo’s New York Pizzeria 

While we’ve listed some of the ways in which people like to consume their pizza, there is no right or wrong way to do so. And when you come to Russo’s, all you need to bring with you is your appetite for the best pizza you’ve ever tasted. Come by and visit Russo's NY Pizzeria Conroe at 3915 W Davis Street!

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