Pizza Pairings: Discovering the Perfect Beverage Complements

May 26, 2023

What are the best ways to complement Russo’s pizza with specific beverages?

While everyone has their preferences on food and beverage pairings, we’ve discovered that certain combinations are a consistent hit with pizza patrons. There’s no “wrong” drink to mix with pizza (since a nice slice makes every beverage better), but let's narrow it down to six popular options.

Beverages & Their Complementary Pizza Flavors


Pizza and beer go fantastic together, especially when you grab some Russo’s for takeout, and enjoy a cold one in front of a ballgame. The only tricky part is that there are MANY beer styles, just like there is a litany of pizza toppings. Therefore, mixing and matching may be difficult. You could probably pair a lighter ale with a white-sauced pizza, a pilsner with meat lovers, and perhaps a hoppier/fruitier beer with Hawaiian Pizza.


Wine also comes in different varieties. So, you’ll have to choose your favorite (red, white, pink, etc.) and select an appropriate pizza from there (or vice-a-versa). We think a crisp Chardonnay would go well with our Margherita Pizza. While you’re at it, don’t forget to try a delightful white wine with our Shrimp Scampi or Fettuccine Alfredo (if you’re more of a pasta person).

Sparkling Water

Not everything has to have alcohol, of course. Bubbly water has become more popular lately, and the fizzy carbonation lends itself to almost any pizza selection. Perhaps it might be just what you need to balance one of our spicier pizzas, like Doppio Pepperoni.


Homemade lemonade is always wonderful, especially when it gets hot here in Texas. This drink doesn’t have an obvious pizza pairing, but that’s because it’s versatile enough to work with just about any toppings and sauces.

Ice Tea

Whether you make your tea sweetened or unsweetened, this is another refreshing option you can enjoy with a multitude of selections. You could try the sweeter variety to complement anything with our authentic Russo’s Pizza Sauce.


This last option offers that delightful fizz-like sparkled water, but with more flavor. Our sources tell us Dr. Pepper may be the favorite in Texas, which is easy to mix with anything on our menu: pizzas, calzones, meatball parmesan sandwiches, and more.

Those are six pizza/beverage combos for you to explore. Did we miss one of your favorites?

If so, then tell us about it the next time you visit Russo’s New York Pizzeria in Conroe. We continue to serve only the best pizza, pasta, calzone, and drink specials, especially during Happy Hour. This makes us the best spot in our corner of Texas to relax for lunch or dinner.

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