Why Pizza is Every Child's Favorite

June 28, 2023

Let’s face it—children have a tendency to be finicky eaters who, if they had it their way, would only consume sodas and candy bars. Unfortunately, this isn’t a sustainable diet. Therefore, there needs to be something of a common ground reached between parents and their offspring regarding an agreeable dietary choice. Luckily, pizza is always poised to make an effective rescue. After all, it’s a favorite among children, and we’re here to explore why this is. 

Perfect for Any Occasion 

One thing that makes pizza such a wonderful dish is that it can be served for any mealtime or special occasion and will be met with enthusiasm and joy. Whether it’s the evening meal delivered right to your door or out of the fridge for breakfast, kids always like a slice. 

It’s Fun to Eat 

Kids always enjoy a hands-on experience, no matter what it might be. Pizza is very much a hands-on dining experience, and kids always enjoy the chance to eat something with their hands and not have to worry about relying on a knife and fork. 

Little girl eating giant pizza slice at Russo's


One of the things that people of all ages love about pizza is just how much it can be customized. From a wide range of toppings to being prepared in that special way that always pleases a crowd, it’s no wonder why kids like devouring a slice as much as they do. Besides, letting them choose the toppings they want makes them feel like they’re part of the mealtime selection.

It’s Cheesy 

Many people love cheese. And kids especially love the concept of having to have anything for dinner that involves having something covered in cheese. Between cheeseburgers and mac & cheese, it’s no wonder why pizza is always the favorite that kids keep on devouring. 

Big on Taste 

Pizza has a taste that everyone loves. You would be hard-pressed to find a kid that’s never enjoyed a slice of pizza in their life. And finding one who doesn’t enjoy the taste of cheesy goodness would be next to impossible. Keep the pizza coming; your kids will love you forever. 

Russo’s New York Pizzeria 

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