Frequently asked questions

What does the estimated initial investment cover?

The initial investment covers site selection, lease negotiation, buildout, initial inventory, furnishings and equipment, the franchise fee, and three months operating capital, and more. For a detailed list, visit our Investment Range page.

How much does it cost to open a Russo’s?

The cost varies depending on the size of your location. All of our units are custom built. The average can range from $454,350 – $1,495,500.

Does Russo’s offer financing?

No, but we do offer third-party financing.

What if I don’t already have a location?

We have a real estate team comprised of experienced industry real estate experts who have located top sites.

Do I need previous restaurant or franchising experience to become a Russo’s franchise?

No experience is necessary. We will train you and your staff.

Is Russo’s offering single and multi-unit restaurant franchise opportunities?

We offer single- and multi-unit restaurant franchise opportunities.

How soon can I expect my Russo’s to open?

Typically, from signing your lease and getting permits for construction, it will take approximately 90 to 120 days.

Where are Russo’s generally located?

We place all of our Russo’s Restaurants in strategic locations in strong urban and suburban markets, focusing on strip centers and lifestyle centers and street retail. We like centers with high-end grocery stores and retailers. Our smallest model is perfect for malls and airports.

Will I receive guidance on purchasing equipment and supplies?

Yes! Since we’ve been building restaurants for more than 35 years, our equipment and supply chain is streamlined and in place – ready to go to work for you.

Will I receive assistance in planning my grand opening?

Yes, we have a marketing strategy that will support your grand opening and social media events.

What does your training program involve?

Russo’s training program lasts 6-8 weeks. No classroom here. You will get hands-on training in a live, existing restaurant, to experience the reality of owning your own restaurant.

  • On-site training prior to grand openings
  • Back-of-the-House training
  • Front-of-the-House training
  • Initial store setup
  • Hands-on crew training
  • P.O.S. training
  • Recipe training
  • Delivery and catering training
  • Fully supported training
  • Lead trainer stays one to two weeks post-open
  • Ongoing support as needed – FSM

How do I get started?

Submit this form and we’ll schedule our Russo’s introduction. We’ll call you to fill you in on additional details.

Request More Info

Fill out the form to download our free Russo’s New York Pizzeria franchise brochure. This information packet includes:

  • Research information on Russo’s New York Pizzeria
  • Restaurant specifications and site criteria
  • Initial start-up cost estimate

For international markets, Russo's offers area development opportunities, which secures a city or region for multi-unit development over a period of years. We do not currently offer single units in international markets.