What makes Russo’s stand out from the competition?



"Our franchise concept provides a true New York experience that goes beyond food. It’s one that feeds not only the body, but the soul as well."

If you asked anybody who makes the best pizza in the country, 9 out 10 will say New York style pizza. It’s true. Not everyone can master the trade secret of New York style pizza, made the right way, with the right ingredients. It comes from the magic touch of making fresh dough in house and making fresh pizza sauce everyday-something most commercial pizzerias don’t do. At Russo’s we focus on fresh, quality, whole ingredients without preservatives. Chef Russo derives his inspiration from the small mom and pop pizzerias in little Italy in New York where you can smell the aroma of tomatoes, fresh garlic, and marinera sauce as you walk into the restaurant. When you come in, the pizzaollo is tossing fresh pizza dough in the air and the pizza is baked in a brick oven. Unlike other pizza chains that use frozen pizza products, Russo’s goes back to neighborhood pizzeria roots and has only the highest standards for fresh ingredients and authentic preparation-and our guests can taste the difference!

Russo’s makes New York style pizza the old fashion way, and it beats any fast casual pizza place in today’s marketplace. At Russo’s we’ve been making fantastic pizzas and pastas the same way in our kitchen since 1978. Our family tradition still continues this day in each and every one of our locations.

Russo’s New York pizzeria is a unique pizza franchise founded on fresh, high quality ingredients. We do not serve pre-made pizza or pre-made sauce that can include preservatives and artificial flavors. Our fresh approach to pizza makes Russo’s stand out among other pizza chains in the industry.

“If you serve authentic New York style pizza and pasta, guests continue to dine week after week. Your Russo’s location will be the best neighborhood pizzeria in your market.”

Russo’s New York pizzeria passes our family tradition to you, so you can continue the success and be proud of what you own.


Founder Chef Russo spent his early childhood in the east coast where people used only the best, freshest ingredients available. Back then pizza by the slice was only .50 cents. Chef Russo remembers walking through little Italy watching the Pizzallios make pizza the old fashion way. There wasn’t a commissary. Pizza makers followed a true Italian recipe and pizza dough was made by hand. Restaurants would make fresh, homemade pasta and fresh, homemade sauce. The Russo’s family secret has always been to use premium ingredients and avoid cheap flour and cheap cheese. Nonno Guissipi taught Chef Russo to make the best pizza and pasta, and to put his love and passion in his cooking to be successful. These words of wisdom is what got Chef Russo started. He opened his first store making pizza and pasta the old fashion way, and today Russo’s New York Pizzeria uses the family recipe to carry the tradition into every Russo New York pizzeria location. No other pizzeria in today’s marketplace prepares every item fresh from scratch using premium ingredients, and that’s what makes the brand unique and different from the rest.

What makes Russo’s much better than the others:

1. Russo’s has been using family recipes in its restaurants since 1962. It’s pizza made the old fashion way.

2. Russo’s has an award-winning pizza sauce. The marinara sauce and meat sauce is made from scratch using fresh tomatoes and fresh basil simmered for hours.

3. Our Olive oil is imported directly from Sicily from a local family that has been producing extra virgin olive oil since 1916! The olive oil is made with Sicilian olives, the region’s famous bright green and buttery Castelvetrano table olives.

4. Premium Italian style mozzarella cheese - Chef Russo works directly with an Italian cheese maker’s family, and together they’re able to create premium mozzarella cheese with no additives or preservatives. It’s 100% mozzarella full of flavor that leaves guests with a flavor to remember.


Russo’s has built a franchise model around great tasting pizza and pasta. Learn more about Russo’s and how you can join the Russo’s family today and continue the tradition to your region.

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We now have more than 40 stores in domestic and international markets.

Russo’s is a proven concept and the brand is expanding nationwide. Reach out today to receive your free Franchise Report.


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