How Russo’s New York Pizzeria Keeps Customers Craving for More

April 23, 2019

Russo’s New York Pizzeria location with all of their employees standing in front of restaurant

It’s easy to sell Russo’s New York Pizzeria products, especially since we only use high-quality ingredients. There’s no better way to showcase them than the high-resolution images we use for advertising purposes. However, our customer-shot social posts are just as appetizing and mouthwatering as our professional images.

But don’t take our word for it, see the proof for yourself below:

Social Commentary: Russo's New York Pizzeria: 3 images of pizza being enjoyed by customers.

We’d say our customers’ work isn’t half bad. But our customers are just a small piece of getting the Russo’s word out to your community.

When it comes to marketing, we’ve got our franchisees covered. Not only do you get the benefit of national advertising reach, but you also get to work with vendors that give Russo’s franchisees preferred pricing for marketing materials, including branded menus, flyers, postcards and more.

Marketing Your Russo’s Restaurant

During your grand opening, we provide what we like to call a Grand Opening Roadmap. This document details exactly how to promote and market your big day using Russo’s proven marketing and advertising strategies. We also help with local publicity to build buzz around your store.

All franchisees also get access to a library of customizable marketing templates, including door hangers, fliers, email blasts, and other guerilla marketing efforts. If you want to create marketing materials from scratch, our in-house design team can help with that, too.

Plus, we provide franchisees with a user-friendly website, equipped with online ordering and delivery capabilities. We give you website best practices support, as well as guidance on how to manage third-party delivery services to generate brand awareness in your market. We also have several catering partnerships that help get the word out about our franchisee-owned locations.

The Russo’s corporate marketing team closely monitors every store to see how well it’s performing. We believe that one-on-one guidance is the difference that makes or breaks a franchise. That’s why, every month, we analyze your market and go over what works and what doesn’t, together.

Our sophisticated marketing efforts aren’t the only thing that help grow your Russo’s Business.

4 Revenue Streams Help, Too

Our franchise marketing and advertising efforts are solidified with the Russo’s business model’s four revenue streams.

1) Sit-Down Dining

When our customers decide to dine in, they come for the award-winning, made-to-order pizza but stay for the good times that come with it (a fine selection of wine and beer helps, too). Even better, our dine-in option proves to produce higher ticket averages.

2) Delivery

When our customers feel like staying in, we’re happy to bring our irresistible food directly to them. All they have to do is use the easy-to-navigate online ordering system we told you about earlier.

3) Takeout

Many of our customers prefer to place an order for pick-up. On average, 20 to 40 percent of business comes from takeout orders, making this one of our most popular and profitable revenue streams. Plus, takeout allows our customers get the same great Russo’s taste, minus the tip.

4) Catering

Fast-casual catering has grown 11 percent, year over year. That’s why we offer full-service catering, too. Parties, small and large, can choose from a full menu of Italian specialties or customize buffet-style service.

We take marketing and advertising seriously, but we’re also sure to never leave our franchisees hanging. We provide the support necessary to run your Russo’s business like a boss.

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For international markets, Russo's offers area development opportunities, which secures a city or region for multi-unit development over a period of years. We do not currently offer single units in international markets.