Pizza Isn’t Just Surviving, It’s Thriving.

September 29, 2020

In a world full of uncertainty, one thing is for certain: The pizza business is here to stay.

Now more than ever people are looking towards the future, feeling that sense of entrepreneurial spirit and wanting to make a change. What’s better than being your own boss? Furthermore, what’s better than owning your own slice of the pie?

Not only are there a lot of franchise companies to choose among, but there are so many advantages to opening a pizza franchise as opposed to starting your own business from scratch.

Visit the company website and visit a location. How do you like the look and feel? Could you see yourself in the middle of the dining on a Friday night shaking hands and making memories? Russo’s New York Pizzeria has deep roots in its communities and is a fan favorite far and wide.

Ask a about food costs and labor costs. Can the restaurant survive a global pandemic? Can you capitalize on delivery when the dine business is nonexistent? If you answered yes to both of those questions, then you are in good company. Russo’s New York Pizzeria & Italian kitchen has the perfect menu featuring New York-style pizza, handcrafted pasta dishes, calzones, salads, sandwiches, soups and desserts. At its heart, Russo’s reflects Chef Anthony’s commitment to his New York roots where food and family come first.

Where do I find? Who can help me? And what do I do? Russo’s corporate support team is strong and collaborative with a franchisee-friendly corporate culture and is ready for expansion. What separates Russo’s from the rest of the pizza industry is not only a great support team ready to tackle it all, but also the unique family recipes and fresh ingredients.

Here’s a short fact list:
• Average store size ranges from 1,300-1,800 square feet
• 52 locations with 22 in development
• Average store investment ranges from $350,000- $895,000.
• Qualified candidates must have at least $200,000 in liquid capital
• Training is 6 weeks in a Certified Training store

Despite much uncertainty in 2020, the pizza business is booming. More people than ever are choosing to pursue their own business because of a desire to be their own boss and follow their passion. Russo’s New York Pizzeria & Italian Kitchen franchisees aren’t just content with their franchise partnership – many are opening new locations, and new franchisees are joining the family weekly. Russo’s has implemented the perfect turn-key pizza franchise opportunity to deliver authentic Italian cuisine and New York Style pizza throughout the country. Come join the family today. To learn more about Russo’s franchise opportunities, please visit

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For international markets, Russo's offers area development opportunities, which secures a city or region for multi-unit development over a period of years. We do not currently offer single units in international markets.