A First Date & A Slice: Why Pizza is the Best Choice for a First Date 

May 13, 2023

Deciding where to go on the first date can be a tough choice to make, which is why we’re here to answer the dilemma once and for all. The best choice for your first meeting is simple–pizza. And we’re here to explain why. 

Woman Enjoying Eating Pizza at Russo's in The Woodlands

Universally Adored by All

Pizza is one of the most popular choices for food across the continental United States. There’s a good reason for that–between all of the pizza parties you had in school to the gourmet offerings that several specialty shops have to offer, it’s something we’re accustomed to and have grown up enjoying. No matter who you might be taking out to impress, pizza is one option that is always a crowd pleaser that wins anyone over. 

Affordable on Any Budget 

Whether you and your date have agreed to split the cost of the meal in question or you’re footing the bill, pizza is easily affordable for either situation. Even if you decide to go all-out with toppings and appetizers, you can most likely still keep things under budget and affordable. 

Viva Variety! 

There’s a good chance that you and your date have instant chemistry and love the same music, films, books, and other activities. However, what foods you two gravitate towards might be quite different from one another. Fear not. Because of how customizable it is, you can come to an agreement on preparation and toppings that can suit both your wants and needs. 

Casual Food for a Casual Meeting 

The first date should be a relaxing occasion. After all, the two of you are getting to know one another a little bit better, and there’s no need to go all out at a formal location. Pizza can be eaten at a relaxing location such as a park, eatery, or even at your own dinner table. It’s the perfect meal for a relaxed setting and the ideal choice for a first date. 

At Russo’s, we specialize in the wonderful world that one finds in between crust, sauce, cheese, and individual toppings of their choice. Come by and visit us for an amazing first date at Russo's New York Pizzeria in The Woodlands, located at 3335 College Park Drive, #300.

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