Calling on All Pepperoni Pizza Lovers!

August 30, 2023

The month of September is certainly a busy one. With children already back in school, Labor Day, and the first signs of fall beginning to make themselves known, there’s no denying that there are a lot of things to think about. And while you might not be thinking about adding more items to your already busy agenda, there’s one event in particular that you’ll certainly want to celebrate. On September 20th, we are celebrating National Pepperoni Pizza Day. This award-winning combination of cheese and spice is loved the world over, and there’s no better way to commemorate its existence than by stopping by Russo’s New York Pizzeria in The Woodlands for a few slices. 

Russo's Pepperoni Pizza

A Tasty Legacy 

Pepperoni, like many other foods that have gained a considerable amount of popularity in the United States, came to our attention from immigrants who imported their traditions and customs to our shores. The sausage is made from uncured pork and seasoned with a variety of spices, and it first became popular in Italy in the 1700s. The term comes from the word “peperone,” which translates to bell pepper. Pepperoni became known to American diners in the early part of the 20th century as Italian immigrants began to migrate to this country. It first started appearing in 1919 as a cured, dried sausage that was very similar to some of the spiced sausages that came from Italy, such as Salsiccia and Soppressata. It gained further popularity following America’s involvement in the Second World War, and American servicemen who were returning home brought stories of the delectable sausages that they had eaten while stationed in Italy. 


While there’s no shortage of toppings that are popular among pizza lovers, Pepperoni is easily the most well-known and commonly ordered. It’s estimated that 36% of all pizzas that are made in the United States are served with spicy sausage and that Americans consume upwards of 200 million pounds of pepperoni per year. The sausage is also known for having high amounts of protein, making it one of the best post-workout snacks to enjoy. 

The Pepperoni Pizza at Russo’s Pizzeria is Ready for You

If you’re looking for the best way to celebrate this delicious holiday, we invite you to come down to Russo’s New York Pizzeria in The Woodlands and bury yourself in between a few slices. You can find us located at 3335 College Park Drive, Suite 300, in The Woodlands or you can call 936-273-6060 for delivery and takeout for delivery and takeout

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