Pizza Possibilities: Creative Ways to Eat Your Next Slice

October 30, 2023

There’s a strong chance that you love pizza, and finding happiness between the crust, sauce, cheese, and various toppings is something that you enjoy even more. Pizza is perfect for just about any occasion and can instantaneously transport you to your very own happy place. Just as varied as the different combinations of toppings and cheeses to be found are the ways to devour your favorite slice. There are quite a few ways to do so, and today, we’re going to look at them. Which one are you? Read on to find out! 

Woman Eating Pizza

First, there’s the tried and true way of grabbing a slice, holding it by the bottom or by the crust, and digging in. This method is what commonly gets referred to as “the classic.” Of course, some people have taken this to a new level and choose to fold their slices to ensure that the tippings and cheese stay put. It’s sort of like making a pizza sandwich. 

Of course, not everyone wants to eat their slices by hand. (There’s nothing wrong with this.) In fact, you might be familiar with the 1980s action movie Cobra, where Sylvester Stallone actually used a pair of scissors to consume his pizza pie. Sometimes, a pizza is too hot to handle, or people want to get to the topping first. These people use a fork to scrape off the cheese and toppings and either eat them first or last, depending on their preference. 

While these methods are good enough for some, other diners like to add some extras to their pizza pies to accentuate the flavor and bring out the most of their dining experience. Some diners love the chance to accentuate their slices with dipping sauces such as ranch or blue cheese, and we call this maneuver “the big dipper.” Still, there are other ways in which maximum flavor can be reached. Some enjoy dowsing their slices with parmesan or crushed red pepper, maybe even a generous serving of Tobasco to give it that extra kick. We affectionately refer to these people as “dousers.” 

There’s No Right or Wrong Way at Russo’s New York Pizzeria 

No matter how you choose to eat your pizza, you’ll always find the best pies made right here at Russo’s New York Pizzeria in The Woodlands. From pies to other offerings of Italian authenticity, there’s never a bad time to dine. Visit us today at 3335 College Park Drive, Suite 300, in The Woodlands, or call 936-273-6060 for delivery or takeout.

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