What are the Best Ways to Reheat Leftover Pizza?

March 28, 2024

Ah, so here’s an overlooked skill that perhaps all of us have had to employ, at least once or twice: the proper way to reheat leftover pizza.

Indeed, this is a major culinary skill because, frankly, the alternative is unacceptable (throwing away old pizza). You just can't do that. While you could also eat leftover pizza cold, we’ve noticed most folks don’t prefer that.

This article will introduce a proper methodology for reheating pizza without creating an enormous mess or altering the taste or texture.

Four Pizza Reheating Methods

  1. Microwaving - We’ll start with this method, but this is possibly the least advantageous. On one hand, it’s the quickest way to do the task, and it works okay as long as you don’t turn it too high or leave it cooking too long. All you have to do is use a microwave-safe plate for your pizza, stick it in there, and reheat for about a minute. Keep an eye on things, though, since it’s easy to overdo the heat and microwave away some of the taste (particularly the cheese).
  2. Oven Reheat - Ovens are almost always your safest bet because that was how the pizza was cooked in the first place. For most conventional ovens, you would preheat it for a few minutes, set it to 375 degrees, and reheat for roughly five to 10 minutes.
  3. Skillet Reheat - This is the go-to method if you wish to add a little extra char to the pizza. Make sure you coat the skillet with a little olive oil, warm up the skillet, turn the heat down a little, then reheat pizza slices for just a few minutes. Done right, this should get the toppings and cheese warm without making them sloppy.
  4. Air Frying - Air fryers are a terrific option, especially considering how popular this cooking method has become. Here, you would put pizza slices into the cooking basket and air fry them for five to 10 minutes with the device’s circulating air system. Just be careful not to over-stuff the air fryer in order to ensure optimal results.

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