Have you ever met someone who doesn’t enjoy pizza? Of course not! Pizza is one dish that’s universally loved by all. And while pizza can be served in a variety of different methods with all sorts of different crusts and cheeses, the joy that many have about the dish involves the number of toppings that can be utilized to create a unique and personal taste. What are the most popular choices? We asked a panel of pizza-ologists to tell us which ones are ordered the most. 

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Pepperoni - This one certainly needs little in the way of an introduction. Pepperoni pizza is easily the most popular choice among diners. The thinly sliced sausage provides a slightly spicy kick that always pairs well with melted mozzarella. 

Pineapple - While this debate continues among many, pineapple remains a very popular topping to many. The cool, refreshing feeling of a cold pineapple chunk on a pizza when it first comes out of the oven is the closest thing to heaven. 

Sausage - Not everyone enjoys the mild spice of pepperoni, and sausage is one of the best meat protein alternatives. Served mild, sweet, or hot sausage on a slice is a one-way ticket to a meat-lovers paradise. 

Peppers & Onions - While we’re technically sheathing with listing two toppings in one, peppers and onions are among the best toppings that people can’t get enough of. And we have a theory as to why. The sweetness of the onions and the cool moisture commonly found in bell peppers is a combination that melds with cheese almost too perfectly. 

Jalapenos - While not as common in some circles as others, many diners have taken a fondness for these hot little peppers on their pizza. Providing a jolt to your tastebuds, jalapenos are a great addition to almost any pizza. Just remember to keep a glass of water nearby! 

Mushrooms - Usually served in conjunction with various meats and peppers, mushrooms have long been a popular pizza choice. For those who are more health-conscious than others, many enjoy pairing mushrooms with spinach for a taste that’s big on nutrition. 

Russo’s New York Pizzeria 

While opinions on toppings tend to differ from person to person, there’s never a wrong way to enjoy a pizza. And here’s Russo’s, we’ve got experienced hands that can craft the perfect pizza just for you. Come by and see us at 3335 College Park Drive, Suite 300 in The Woodlands.

Deciding where to go on the first date can be a tough choice to make, which is why we’re here to answer the dilemma once and for all. The best choice for your first meeting is simple–pizza. And we’re here to explain why. 

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Universally Adored by All

Pizza is one of the most popular choices for food across the continental United States. There’s a good reason for that–between all of the pizza parties you had in school to the gourmet offerings that several specialty shops have to offer, it’s something we’re accustomed to and have grown up enjoying. No matter who you might be taking out to impress, pizza is one option that is always a crowd pleaser that wins anyone over. 

Affordable on Any Budget 

Whether you and your date have agreed to split the cost of the meal in question or you’re footing the bill, pizza is easily affordable for either situation. Even if you decide to go all-out with toppings and appetizers, you can most likely still keep things under budget and affordable. 

Viva Variety! 

There’s a good chance that you and your date have instant chemistry and love the same music, films, books, and other activities. However, what foods you two gravitate towards might be quite different from one another. Fear not. Because of how customizable it is, you can come to an agreement on preparation and toppings that can suit both your wants and needs. 

Casual Food for a Casual Meeting 

The first date should be a relaxing occasion. After all, the two of you are getting to know one another a little bit better, and there’s no need to go all out at a formal location. Pizza can be eaten at a relaxing location such as a park, eatery, or even at your own dinner table. It’s the perfect meal for a relaxed setting and the ideal choice for a first date. 

At Russo’s, we specialize in the wonderful world that one finds in between crust, sauce, cheese, and individual toppings of their choice. Come by and visit us for an amazing first date at Russo's New York Pizzeria in The Woodlands, located at 3335 College Park Drive, #300.

Are you ready to take a break from work and other busy affairs to go get something great to eat?

We hope so, and if you’re really in the mood for an outstanding meal, then you should consider authentic pizza and Italian food. That’s what Russo’s offers to the good people in The Woodlands.

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The Day is Short - Save Time by Letting us Cook!

It takes a lot of time and effort to prepare and cook a meal at home (not including cleaning all the dishes). Plus, as it gets warmer, you just don’t want to heat your house even further by running the stove or oven. Why not let us take care of the food prep once a week or so? That way you know you get at least one decent meal without having to slave to prepare everything while juggling all those other obligations.

Then again, if you don’t have time to get dressed to go somewhere, we can also cater to you anywhere you like.

Explore Greater Variety with our Many Pizzas, Pastas, Calzones, and More

We’re not saying you don’t know how to make something great on your own. Russo’s simply has the staff and capacity to make dozens of fantastic entrees and appetizers with everything from Brooklyn Square Paesano Pizza to Shrimp Fra Diavolo. Our dine-in menu even offers novel dessert items like Italian Cream Cake, Cannolis, and Russo’s Tiramisu. So, if you’re bored with the same ordinary meals at home, and want to explore a unique taste, then it’s time to go out to eat with us.

Bring Your Entire Family

There’s nothing wrong with swinging by for a nice dinner by yourself, but it’s even more fun with friends and family. Many patrons love to join us for weekday food and drink specials between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. You might also want to try our savory New York-style Deli Sandwiches for only $7 every Thursday at lunchtime.

Those are just a handful of terrific reasons to join us for an outstanding dining experience anytime. You can visit Russo’s New York Pizzeria - The Woodlands with your friends and family, or if you’d prefer, order takeout, have us deliver, or hire us to cater a party. Find out how we can do all of that by calling us for more information at 936-273-6060.

In today’s modern world of convenience, ordering out is easier than it’s ever been in previous years. With just the click of an app from our tablet or smartphone, we can have a variety of different foods delivered right to our door. So, what happens when you have to plan a meal on short notice or you just want a quick solution without a lot of hassle? One word–Pizza. Despite the many places that offer delivery these days, pizza delivery is still the best option out of all of them. 


Everyone has their own unique form of comfort food. A dish that, no matter how stressful or troublesome life can be, always alleviates the worries of the world for a few savory moments of pure ecstasy. Believe it or not, despite the differences in individual taste that everyone has, the majority of people insist that pizza is the universal comfort food. But why is that? Join us today as we figure out why. 


We can’t wait to serve you our tremendous Italian cuisine whenever you have the chance to patronize our fine establishment in The Woodlands, Texas.


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