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Get Cozy with Russo's Pizza Delivery and a Movie

October 5, 2023

Are you running short on ideas for a quality date night with your spouse?

Have you considered pizza and a movie? Yes, authentic Italian food can make for a delightful “stay-in” date night, especially when both parties are exhausted and don’t want to go anywhere. Here are a few suggestions on how to create a sweet and special pizza-and-a-movie evening (with our help).

Designing a Perfect Date Night with Delicious Pizza

Pizza From Russo's

Create a Romantic Ambiance - If you set the mood properly, we can take care of the food component. Here’s where you decide how romantic and cozy you’d like to make things. You could, for example, set up candles and grab a bottle of red wine. Many of our Italian entrees match that exquisitely. Before you do anything else, make sure you have your place clean and decluttered, so you can relax and enjoy dinner and a movie.

Place an Order at Russo’s - Pizza is a popular favorite and doesn’t require you to break out a bunch of silverware. That being said, you can also use us for shrimp scampi, chicken calzones, and several dinner favorites. If you aren’t sure whether to order Hawaiian pizza or Italian Works, make sure you go over things with your date before selecting anything. Our menu is full of options, so take your time and order in advance.

Find the Right Movie - Date night probably isn’t the time for intense horror films or something that would elicit nightmares, but pick something that won’t put you to sleep. Comedy is perhaps the best bet for a pleasant all-around experience.

Enjoy a Fantastic Date Night - The best part is that you get to have quality time with your spouse, without having to drive anywhere, wait in line, or deal with noisy folks. Of course, you’re welcome to see us in person, too, or use us to cater family or business events. Either way, it’s hard to top pizza for almost any communal gathering.

As always, your friends at Russo’s can’t wait to facilitate your events, parties, and even date nights with delicious pizza, pasta, and other Italian entrees. It’s much easier to cultivate a romantic and relaxing atmosphere with authentic Italian cuisine.

Russo’s New York Pizzeria - Windmill Marketplace is available all the time for lunch or dinner dates of any sort. If you’d like to inquire about our menu or anything else we offer, then call us anytime for prompt assistance at 559-578-8070.

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