authentic pasta dishes
authentic pasta dishes
authentic pasta dishes

Celebrate National Pizza Week with Russo’s!

January 13, 2024

You just know we couldn’t ignore National Pizza Week here at Russo’s. While we have no trouble celebrating the glory of authentic Italian pizza any time of the year, it’s hard to pass up a fun commemoration like this.

It’s time to check out a few reasons to grab a pizza with us during National Pizza Week: January 14th through 20th.

Peppeorni Pizza from Russo' New York Pizzeria

Why National Pizza Week?

Let’s be honest . . . the answer is easy and obvious: pizza is one of the most wonderful foods for almost any lunch or dinner purpose, alone or with others. This is perhaps even more true when it’s cold and you don’t want to get up and cook in January.

Pizza, as we know it, has only been in the United States since about the turn of the 20th century. Like many other staple foods in America, it became popular when American GIs brought their massive enthusiasm for it back from Italy after being stationed there. It’s become available in many styles and varieties, but king among them, is the heralded NY-style pizza, which we serve at Russo’s. 

How Do You Celebrate National Pizza Week with Russo’s?

This is another easy question to answer because pizza is right in our wheelhouse. Perhaps the best way to celebrate pizza in style would be to try a new specialty selection you’ve never had previously. We have no shortage of menu options.

  • Brooklyn Square Paesano - This is one of our patron favorites at many of our restaurants when you consider everything that goes on top of it. You’ll enjoy your fill of savory pepperoni, sausage, Pecorino Romano Cheese, roasted peppers, red onions, garlic, and with crust coated in Sicilian EVOO. It’s one of several choice selections for any meat lover.
  • Vegetarian Pizza - Then again, maybe you made it your new year’s resolution to shave off a few pounds, and would prefer something with fewer calories. We can accommodate that with our Vegetarian Pizza, topped with fresh spinach, white onions, black olives, mushrooms, Roma tomatoes, and other heart-healthy ingredients.
  • Mediterranean Pizza - We categorize this as a “pizza bianca” (white pizza) because it emphasizes olive oil, garlic, and feta cheese over traditional tomato-based sauces. This is another outstanding option for those who wish to partake in delicious pizza, but keep the calorie count lower.
  • Giant 28-Inch Party Pizza - You can top this pizza several ways, including cheese alone (optimal for large groups of people). Nothing beats sitting at a table with your friends at the arrival of a truly gigantic pizza, made with quality ingredients, like Wisconsin mozzarella.

Many Other Authentic Italian Meals at Russo’s New York Pizzeria

Those are just a few of the ways you can indulge in a nice slice with us. Don’t forget that we also offer dozens of other entrees and appetizers, ranging from Baked Ziti and Eggplant Parmesan to Stromboli Calzones and Chicken Tuscan Sandwiches. Even the pickiest eaters will find something fantastic on our extensive dine-in or delivery menus.

Whether it’s pizza, pasta, calzones, salads, or sweet desserts, we have every legitimate Italian favorite at Russo’s New York Pizzeria. If you’re new to what we offer, then make National Pizza Week a reason to visit one of our many franchise locations. You won’t regret it.

Contact us to learn more about specialty pizzas and other offers from Russo’s.

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authentic pasta dishes
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